Rabies Babies


3 fast, furious, funny, feminists.

Rabies Babies make songs about having fun and kicking the Patriarchy’s arse while we laugh in it’s face.

Making noise since 1999. First gig was at a long gone Squat in Bricklane. Have since played at these of London’s Lost Music Venues: The Golden Shoe, The Lord Cecil, Tottenham Swan, Victoria Squat Seven Sisiters Rd, Cricketers Lower Clapton, The Standard (with UK Subs for Charlie’s 60th Birthday Party), Poison Club Dalston, New Poison Club Hackney, 491 Gallery Leytonstone, The Grosvenor Stockwell, The 18 Bar Dalston, Bull and Gate Kentish Town, Trolley Stop Dalston, Camden Purple Turtle, Chats Palace, Red Rose Club Finsbury Park, Ex-Budhsit Centre Squat, The Bridgehouse Canning Town, T Chances Tottenham.





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