Radio play of our new record!

Earlier this year Rabies Babies recorded some songs at Hackney Road Studios. Tonight will be the premiere airing of one of the songs on a special radio show as part of the V&A Lates at Hackney Grow. Listen tonight from 7pm until 10pm on

Tonight as part of the V&A Lates: This Must be the Place at Grow, Hackney, the bromance that is Collin Chace and Pete O’ Dublo bring back Wild Dial Radio. While bands occupy Grow’s venue and a giant turtle boat made of tires is launched into the canal, they’ll be broadcasting from a little shack-on-sticks into the parking amidst weird art stalls and happenings, and streaming live on Wick Radio!

EXCLUSIVE tracks from: The Restarts upcoming ‘Uprising’ album! LEFT FOR DEAD! And Rabies Babies! Rounding out this East End Punk Chunk are classics by Sick On The Bus and The Backstreet Abortions!

Plus interview with award-winning poet Omikemi Natacha Bryan, who’ll perform excerpts from her latest collection, ‘If I Talked Everything My Eyes Saw’ (@gatehousepress), and a live freestyle by the hardest working emcee in Hackney, Unique Technique!

Plus: more exclusive tracks from Little Number, DJ Cirkuit, Sister Lovers and the stunning anarchist disco band, Juha, The Dublo, Craig Shaw & The Excellos, Phony Kings, Xym Yorkshire Rapper, and more more more!

7pm-10pm at Grow Hackney. Can’t come down to Grow? Listen to the Wick Radio live stream.

Wild Dial!

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