Ox Fanzine

Thank you to Triebi & Ox Fanzine 152 for giving our record such a great review (9/10!!!)

English translation;
RABIES BABIES has been around since 1999, and only now they are making their debut. Unfortunately, what the band from London, active as a trio since 2018, presents here is a rough, desolate and furious mix of punk rock, hardcore and noise. The three name as influences beside KLEENEX, SLITS also BLACK FLAG and remind me of bands like SPIDER CUNTS or 86’D. In their lyrics they criticize the handling of sexual abuse in our scene or sexist pick-up lines while riding a bike. So the A side is also called “Anger side”. But also the – her – fun does not come too briefly. And these songs can be found on the “Fun side” – be it “La La La” or “I fought the floor and floor won”, which lyrically at least should be the British answer to “Jung kaputt spart Altersheime”. The – unfortunately only – six songs come in a colorful package including lyrics fanzine and on white vinyl. For me already a contender for my record of the year!
Triebi Instabil (9)


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