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Thank you to everyone who bought, listened to, or shared our songs in 2020, and a massive cheers! to those who played us on their radio shows or wrote about us in their blog or zine. We appreciate the time and effort that goes into putting together good radio shows and blogs, so a big thank you to anyone who has included Rabies Babies in their shows and zines.

Here is some of the radio shows from the last couple of weeks that include Rabies Babies songs, all of these shows are great and we’re really enjoying listening to them.

listen here to a great Punk show on Basque Radio

Best of 2020 Damaged Goods releases Spotify playlist from Damaged Goods Records

Foggy Notion blog writing and links to songs old & new.

If you have a radio show or write a zine or blog then please message us if you would like a Bandcamp download for our ep.

Late Risers Club Radio Show

Thanks Ron from Late Risers Club for playing Rabies Babies on your show!
Listen here

some excellent (mostly) new stuff from Rebelmatic, VIAL, Born Shit Stirrers, Rabies Babies, Trholz, Las ratapunks, L.A. Machina, Dear Darkness, Livids (old stuff, new comp on Dangerhouse Skylab), Knifer, STIFF RICHARDS, Tashi Delay, The Brassieres, Tokyo Taboo, The Battlebeats, SUPER-X, Zig Zag, COOL JERKS, IDLES, The Mudd Club, Houseghost, Cloud Factory, Hearts and Rockets, Shadow Show, UV-TV (birthday shoutout to CJ of Girlsville recs), Death Valley Girls❤, and the new one from The Luxembourg Signal on Spinout Nuggets.

Late Risers Club, (since 1977), the longest running punk rock show on the planet..Broadcasting from MIT 88.1FM in Cambridge/Boston and streaming/archives at

Punk 4 The Homeless

We are included in this great radio show, put together by Punks 4 Homeless.

PUNK 4 THE HOMELESS radio show – the 10th EP!
Alan, Rachel, Eagle & Alex spin some choice choons and rant some rants!
Listen to it on one of these places:

SPOILER: featuring fantastic tuneage from: Chelou, Rabies Babies, Septic Psychos, Doozer McDooze, PollyPikPocketz, Life, But How To Live It?, Steve White & The Protest Family, The Mispelt, Healthy Junkies, Hard Skin (feat. Marion Herbain and Roxanne Clifford), Joe Solo, Proud City Fathers, Tuffragettes, Mad Dog Collective, Rats From A Sinking Ship, BRUISE and more!!!

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