This is the BEST TATTOO we have ever seen… looks like Bradley will be on the guest list for a while…


free benefit gig!

We’re joining our friends Juha for a free gig at the Royal Sovereign (Northwold Rd, London, E5) on saturday 1st June. The night is a benefit gig for the Reel Rebels Radio Station

gig flyer for 1st june 2019 gig at the Royal Sovereign, London E5

end of tour!

Finally, our ‘We’ve Got An Oystercard And We’re Gonna Use It!’ tour is coming to an end, catch the final date at the Gunners Pub in Finsbury Park on Friday.


Benefit gig for Matt Ren Ex

We are playing this beenefit for Matt of The Babes on Saturday, he’s ill and unable to work and needs some support from us all. Come along, have a fun night and show Matt some punk rock love. Rabies Babies are on at 9pm.


gig news!

We are really excited to be playing with our punk cousins Anarchistwood, Bug Central and Mindframe (featuring RB drummer Tabi on vocals) on Saturday 23rd March at the Hand in Hand in Brixton. It’s gonna be a fun night of fine anarcho punk.


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