Meet Tabi!


Rabies Babies are more FUN & more FURIOUS & more FEMALE than ever before!
Tabi has taken over on sticks & beats and we are the best ever!
All 3 of us are co-writing new songs and creating costumes and dance moves.
Expect gigs & world domination soon.




Sadly Mike is leaving Rabies Babies, so we need to find a new drummer.

Ideally we would like someone (any gender/age) who can practice every few weeks on a friday afternoon or evening and play 6 or 7 gigs a year. We would like to do a recording soon and try to have something out by our 20th anniversary next year.

about us:
We play in Rabies Babies cos we like making noise and having a laugh with friendly people in different places. Rabies Babies are never going to be famous or rich. We play mostly in little pubs/squats/DIY places with good atmospheres, (the sort of places we like going to). If you want to be in a successful band and play at Rebellion Festival then this isn’t going to give you that. Our ambition is not for fame, our ambition is to make the party and smash the patriarchy. We play with smiles on our faces, even if we are singing angry lyrics about fighting sexism.

Our last London show with Mike is on 12th May at Cavendish Arms, come along and have a chat with us if you think you would like to join Rabies Babies. Or email

Capitalism for punks

We’ll have some very limited t-shirts for sale when we play DIY Space for London on saturday. There is a couple of the kids t-shirts left, so we will bring them too. We’re trying to scrape some cash together to put towards doing a recording.

Rabies Babies: 10 Question Interview

Lorna did an interview with Loud Women zine

rabiesbabies Rabies Babies – drawing by Lorna Tiefholz

Rabies Babies are awesome – they played the first LOUD WOMEN Fest and we’ve been dying to see them again ever since. We posed 10 questions to Lorna Tiefholz, ahead of their appearance at our family-friendly matinee at the Lexington on 30 September.

1. Who would you most like to cover your songs?
I’d love to hear what HollyGolightly would do with a RabiesBabies song, or JaneWeaver or ElaOrleans. Artists who we love and who sound nothing like us. It would be so interesting to hear. We do a cover of ThePrimitives ‘Crash’, I think we do it ok. It sounds more like a crash than the original version. I’m not sure if anyone recognises it as The Primitives song though.

2. Choose: Cat or dog? 
Cat because we sometimes play a song about Laura’s cat…

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