Gig! Saturday 11 December

Our final gig of the year! Playing alongside our favourites I, Doris.
Sheila will be standing in on drums for this one (she played with us at Wotsit Called Fest).
Come along and join the festive fun (remember to do a lateral flow test first!)
Hope & Anchor, N1. Saturday 11th December doors – 7.30pm, £8/£10
see Loud Women for info

Wotsit Called Fest film

If you missed Wotsit Called Fest then have a look at this and see what you missed!
Part 1/2 multicam live footage of day two of the sold out Wotsit Called Festival in Hastings, England 24 September 2021 – Featuring ÄTTESTOR – RABIES BABIES – TOP LEFT CLUB – HAEST – SHOOTING DAGGERS – TERRORPINS – SKINNY MILK – Best watched in full HD! ► Like this video? Subscribe! Punk Video News Twitter Facebook Instagram

Thank you!

Big thank you to everyone who came along to the gig last night. Massive thanks to Kev & crew at the Anchor. It was so good to have a party again.

If anyone videoed us, especially that song ‘Jonny Coalboat’s Blackout Blues’ (for the french film), please can you let us know, cos we’d love to use it as the video for our song to put in the film. We’ll post it up on our website when it’s finished and we’ll get you a beer.

rabies babies gig at the Anchor, still shot from video by Gav

Free gig!

Tabi is back in London for one night only, so we are celebrating by having a gig at our favourite pub – The Anchor in Clapton. Our friends Mid Life Crisis (a band made up of people who all work at Crisis Homeless Shelters) are joining us and we know that it’ll be a great night.

Please be covid aware – do a lateral flow test before you come and please stay at home if you are unwell.

gig flyer for gig - 12 november 2021 at the Anchor pub Clapton E5 9HG London

Thank you Wotsit Called Fest

This is a few weeks after the event, cos life got in the way of posting stuff… so, sorry for the delay.

We had a fantastic time at Wotsit Called Fest.
Massive thank you to Sheila for standing in on drums for us and doing an excellent job.

The sun was out, so were all the fab people of Hastings. It was a great atmosphere, the day was packed with a brilliant mix of great bands, we made new friends and ate chips on the beach, and we LOVED IT.

You can hear a load of the bands that played Wotsit Called Fest on the Breakfast Punx Podcast

photo by @iblametheparent

Free online gig tonight!

Rue des Miracles are hosting a free online gig tonight on their Facebook page with Rabies Babies and Las Ratapunks (from Peru)

Our set was recorded pre-pandemic because at the moment we’re stuck in different countries, and current restrictions are making it impossible for us to get together, but this footage has not been shared before, so it’s an exclusive!
We are excited to be doing this with Las Ratapunks, who are one of our favourite bands, hopefully one day we will be able to play together in real life.

Watch the gig at 8pm (UK time) at

Final Hours Review

Thank you to Guy Smallman of Final Hours for the excellent review of our record.

There’s a comforting familiarity that exudes from every track on this ten inch. This lot have been battering our eardrums with these numbers for just over twenty years in pubs, venues and squats around the circuit. Now finally we can listen to their raging tunes recorded to a better quality than on someone’s mobile phone at the Devonshire via YouTube.

The record kicks off with ‘Rape Is Rape, Even If The Rapist Is In A Band That You Like’, a mixture of doom-laden fuzz-bass and upbeat shouty garage punk that calls out the sexism that still lurks within the scene. They make the obvious point that raging against those cops & judges rings pretty hollow if you’re not prepared to clean up the oppressive dog shit that the patriarchy leaves on your own doorstep.

‘On yer bike’ is an equally furious diatribe against the legion of dickheads that populate our roads and feel the need to abuse cyclists, particularly if they’re women. Lorna’s bass riff reminds me of Sonic Youth’s more tuneful moments before launching the song into more-anarcho speed-garage that helpfully delivers a little selection of retorts to keep handy for those moments when you just need that perfect one-liner to deliver to that obnoxious moron in the van or designer lycra. The punk Highway Code is born!

Concluding side one is ‘Madhouse’ a song that explores that moment when its time to leave the messiest of parties and head out into the cold night air. It has epic riffs and rolling drums spliced with insanely fast guitars from Laura. Its like Black Sabbath getting a well deserved kicking from The Slits.

Side two is a sunnier affair that celebrates those all-important ethics of living every punk second while getting thoroughly stewed in the process.

‘Party’ is a gloriously trashy trawl through the greatest excesses of the DIY scene sung from lived experience. ‘La La La’ is joyous in its singalong simplicity. Finally ‘I Fought The Floor And The Floor Won’ is my personal favourite. Swampy guitars meld with a thumping laid-back beat from Tabi. The vibe is like that of The Cramps during their ‘Psychedelic jungle’ period and the words are howled at peak intensity until the song explodes into its banging finale.

A fabulous debut from a band who’ve taken a very long time to produce a record. But its worth the wait and they’ve done it the old school way with a limited number (300) of white vinyls. With postcards, stickers and a nicely designed, full colour zine containing the lyrics and lots of other cool stuff. We’re seriously hoping that we’ll be measuring the time before their next release in years rather than decades. Get this one HERE

By Guy Smallman

Reclaim These Streets!

Lorna is one of the 64 voices on ‘Reclaim These Streets’ by Loud Women – a single released on all platforms today with all proceeds to Womens Aid Please share, buy, stream and donate. Let’s turn up the volume on women’s safety.

‘Reclaim These Streets’ by the LOUD WOMEN collective is released with all proceeds to Women’s Aid.

In the wake of the recent deaths of Blessing Olusegun and Sarah Everard, we hope to turn up the volume on current discussions on the issue of women’s safety. As the song says, “Until every woman is safe to walk on every street”.

The song was written by LOUD WOMEN’s founder, Cassie Fox, with a spoken word/rap section written and performed by Brix Smith. Instrumentation is provided by a female and non-binary supergroup with members of My Bloody Valentine, Salad and T-Bitch.

There are 64 contributing vocalists on this track, who form a who’s who of women in our music scene, namely:

Abby Werth, Amber of Hadda Be, Angela Martin of Bugeye, Bec Jevons of IDestroy, Brix Smith, Caroline Gilchrist of Hot Sauce Pony, Cassie Fox, Charley Stone, Debbie Googe, Debbie Smith, Dungareen Jean, Elis Sarv from Noise Noir, Ella Patenall of Naz & Ella, Emily Eagle of The Pukes, Emma Sky of Slut Magic, Erika Severyns, Estella Adeyeri of Big Joanie, Gail Something-Else of Muddy Summers & the Dirty Field Whores, Gemma Cullingford of Sink Ya Teeth, Georgie Willsher of Beverley Kills, Gilan, Harriet Doveton, Helen McCookerybook, Holly Carter of Berries, Jade Ellins, Janey Starling, Jen Macro, Jo Bevan, Joyce Raskin, Julie Riley of I Am HER, Karen of Hagar the Womb, Kat Five of Feral Five, Kel of The Empty Page, Kelly Chard, Kimmi Watson, Kristina Stazaker, Lee Friese-Greene, Lilith Ai, Liz Hayward of Ode to Sleep, Lorna Tiefholz of Rabies Babies, Marijne van der Vlugt, Michelle Marti of Girls Rock Indiana, Minni Moody, MIRI, Molly Energi, Nadia Javed, Ngaire Ruth, Nicki Mirage of Brazen Hussy/KNM, Patsy Stevenson, Paul Maps – Joyzine, Penfriend, Priya, Ren Aldridge of Petrol Girls, Ros Cairney of Deux Furieuses, Roshi Nasehi, Rowanna Chown, Sam McCann of Gender Chores, Shona MacMillan, Siân Alex of Gold Baby, Siobhan Fahey, Stevie B of T-Bitch, Suteki Hegg, The Pukes, Umbilica

Happy Transgender Day of Visibility

Happy Transgender Day of Visibility to all trans & non-binary people! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
RABIES BABIES supports Trans Rights 🏳️‍⚧️

Here is a fab pic of Tabi our drummer, who is non-binary and their pronouns are they/them.
Laura (gtr/vox) and Lorna (bass/vox) pronouns are she/her.

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