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We are really excited to be playing with our punk cousins Anarchistwood, Bug Central and Mindframe (featuring RB drummer Tabi on vocals) on Saturday 23rd March at the Hand in Hand in Brixton. It’s gonna be a fun night of fine anarcho punk.


Girls to the front!

rb-octoThank you to everyone who came along to the gig on on wednesday – it was a fantastic night, especially for these reasons…

* It was an amazing atmosphere – everyone was having fun and dancing, but no one was being over-pushy and taking up all of the room with over-aggressive dancing.
* Anti-Clockwise absolutely rocked. Without doubt. They won over everyone in the pub.
* While Anti-Clockwise were playing and everyone was dancing I noticed that the gig really was GIRLS TO THE FRONT, this just happened naturally and it was really great to see the front being full of women dancing (instead of macho guys pushing, or people just holding up their phones and filming).
* We didn’t have mic stands, but it didn’t matter because our friends are so fantastic that they held the mic up for us to sing in to and botched a mic stand using a cymbal stand and a wolly scarf = proper punk rock!
* When Lisa took around a collection to give to the touring band everyone was very generous and at a guess I think there was around £50 donated. (Big thanks to Lisa for stepping in and doing this and big thanks to everyone who put something in the pot).
* Massive thanks to the Kev and Theresa at the Anchor for being absolutely brilliant, and thanks to Simon from the Sov for bringing down the PA for us to use.

Wednesday night was a great and it made us feel so special to be part of our lovely, weird, crazy special family. Lot of love to you all.
rb-ac(because everyone was too busy dancing to do filming or take photos there isn’t any pics of the gig to post up, but here’s one that Adeline took of us just before we played, posing in our octopus hats, and one of Rabies Babies with Paola, the bassist of Anti-Clockwise)



Sadly Mike is leaving Rabies Babies, so we need to find a new drummer.

Ideally we would like someone (any gender/age) who can practice every few weeks on a friday afternoon or evening and play 6 or 7 gigs a year. We would like to do a recording soon and try to have something out by our 20th anniversary next year.

about us:
We play in Rabies Babies cos we like making noise and having a laugh with friendly people in different places. Rabies Babies are never going to be famous or rich. We play mostly in little pubs/squats/DIY places with good atmospheres, (the sort of places we like going to). If you want to be in a successful band and play at Rebellion Festival then this isn’t going to give you that. Our ambition is not for fame, our ambition is to make the party and smash the patriarchy. We play with smiles on our faces, even if we are singing angry lyrics about fighting sexism.

Our last London show with Mike is on 12th May at Cavendish Arms, come along and have a chat with us if you think you would like to join Rabies Babies. Or email

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