Free gig

Tabi is back in London for a limited time and we can’t wait to play with them again. Our plans while they are here is to play, write and record. This gig is the welcome back party….

Gig flyer for Saturday 19 March 2022. Rabies Babies, Gutts and Nouveau Bleach. The Queens Head Brixton, London.

Queens of the Queens Head

Thank you to Mike and the South London Punk Collective for putting a fantastic gig last night. It was great to play at a gig with almost all females on stage. Let’s do it again soon!

Group photo! All the bands who played. (Photo by Ollie)
Photo by Ollie

Gig at the Windmill

We’re playing at the Windmill this Sunday (30th Sept) in celebration of (our ex-drummer Mike’s band) Werecats’ new album release.
It’s a fiver in, there’s 8 bands playing and your ticket includes a burger! Bargain!

Rabies Babies are first on, so get there early!

set times:
5.00 Rabies Babies
5.35 Ebola las
6.10 Laserchrist
6.45 Dealing With Damage
7.20 The Dub Righters
7.55 Pizzatramp
8.30 Werecats
9.05 Rotten Foxes

See you there!


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